Disclaimer: This worked for me, but as with all undocumented hacks, proceed at your own risk.

There may be a better way to do this, but I couldn’t find it. I trust that your .rdlc files are in source control, and that you can rollback to a previously working version if this causes problems.

For various reasons, I needed to upgrade my RDLC report’s schema version from the default 2008 version to the 2010 version.

When you create a basic, empty RDLC report in Visual Studio 2013, here’s what the namespace declaration looks like:

RDLC default schema

To coerce Visual Studio 2013 into upgrading the report’s schema to the 2010 version, do the following to your report:

  1. Open the Toolbox

  2. Drag an Indicator onto your report

  3. Save your report

  4. Delete the newly-added Indicator from your report

  5. Save your report

Or, in animated gif form:

Add and remove an Indicator

When you’re done, the report’s namespace declaration should look like this:

RDLC with 2010 schema

Hope this helps.